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Over the years, the economy shifted from agriculture to commerce and industry. By 1946, the population had grown to 12,000. In 1950, Ramat Gan was recognized as a city. In 1955, it had a population of 55,000. The first mayor was Avraham Krinitzi who remained in office for 43 years. In 1961, the municipal area of Ramat Gan expanded eastward, to encompass the area that includes the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer and Bar Ilan University.

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Otherwise, the first step in the writing is to create a motivating opening story. The key phrase is to make it motivating. The opening has to propel the reader into the rest of the article so they can't stop reading. Here's one example from my own personal story: "I've gone to church most of my life but I lived off my parent's faith until half way through my sophomore year in college. " How is that?Would it propel you to keep reading?Here's the way my story began in a published article, "I slapped the snooze alarm for the third time and finally opened my eyes at Chi Phi, my fraternity house. Last night had been a late one.

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Our group collected data based on Newspaper reports from New York Times, USA Today and Los Angeles Times by looking at different regions of America. Specifically, We focused on the East and West coast. The date ranges we are gathering our articles from are between January 2012 and the present. We drew a sub sample from all the newspaper coverage on different levels of social class. We feel that this is an important set of public texts to look at because we are interested in looking at how the language was used based on the words: Education, poor, wealthy, social class, and power struggle. Not to mention, these three news sources are well established and can be viewed almost anywhere in both print and online. Discourse analysis is a method used to analyze written, spoken, or signed language. This form of analysis was helpful in looking at news articles pertaining to the Occupy Movement because articles surrounding the movement run the gamut from violence to changes people hope to see in the near future. The two main methods for such analysis are corpus linguistics and qualitative coding; under these methods are tools for more in depth research. Corpus linguistics includes examining word frequencies, collocation tables, concordance lines, and being able to compare corpora to the entire corpus. Qualitative coding is more general, looking into key themes and language usage relating to a specific topic, in this case, Occupy Wall Street.

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Does anyone else find it extremely wrong to know that Yi Jianlian has 300,000+ more all star votes than Chris Bosh and has a chance at actually starting?If street gang intelligence,and behavior is Obamas idea of change then it is useless to talk about options any longer. We all know where this will go. Sadly there will be a level of carnage that might put our Civil War battlefields to shame. If the few people like kittykat and I described is compounded by a factor of 2 or 3 million then YES there will indeed be a war. It will be the biggest youth gang ever against INNOCENT,GOD FOLLOWING people who wanted only to live their lives in peace,and with our Constitutional rights intact. Dan,really good thoughts here, dude. Im currently a worship pastorwhatever that means and am really convicted that our definition of worship is pretty jacked up, at best. Maybe instead of a worship leader, what we need is a sacrifice leader?teaching us to worship by killing our idolseverything from money to cheesburgers. I know lots of fat pastors who are tough on alcohol, but soft on Twinkiesgreat thoughts, bro. NO1 LIKES THE NEW BETA VIDEO FORMAT expect MAYBE TheWillofDC THIS IS JUST LIKE YOUTUBE BETA CHANEL 2. 0 NO 1 LIKES IT, EVERYONE TELLS GOOGLE THEY DON'T LIKE IT AND GOOGLE DOS IT ANYWAYS!WHATEVER HAPPENED TO "Don't be evil!" Google's corporate motto COS FORCING US INTO THIS NEW VIDEO FORMAT IS you gesed it EVIL!Les Stones pour rajeunir Shakespeare tant qu faire fallait aller jusquau bout et ramener Gorillaz ou Peeping Tom plutt que ce vieux groupe di have fired heavier 75 grain as well as the standard 55 grain and the nato rounds and i found that the heavier the bullet in the slower twisting, 1 9 barrel the more inaccurate it tends to be.

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12First therapeutic jurisprudence legitimizes preventive law by providing it with an altruistic motivation. Second, preventive law, in turn, provides therapeutic jurisprudence a framework in which to operate . significantly enhance the divorce process by identifying the legal issues that later lead to psychological issues, called psycholegal soft spots. 13Voorkomende reg kan dus deur alle regspraktisyns gebruik word, insluitende praktisyns wat in litigasie spesialiseer. Regspraktisyns kan gebruik maak van skikkingsooreenkomste wat voorsiening maak vir moontlike toekomstige konflik. Onderhandelingsbemiddeling Transactional mediation is n vorm van voorkomende reg wat gebruik kan word om nie net huidige geskille te bestuur nie maar ook om toekomstige geskille te verhoed. 14 So n vorm van bemiddeling kan baie behulpsaam wees in gesinsverwante aangeleenthede. 15Daicoff16 argumenteer dat omdat die kombinasie van terapeutiese en voorkomende regsleer emosionele welstand en die vermyding van litigasie beklemtoon, hierdie benadering baie geskik is vir toepassing deur regspraktisyns met altruistic, humanistic and interpersonally oriented values, en regspraktisyns wat onvergenoeg is met hul beroepskeuse juis omdat hulle oor persoonlikheidseienskappe beskik wat hierdie waardes hoog op prys stel. Die regsberoep is nie altyd emosieloos is nie; inteendeel, dit is n beroep met baie emosionele werk, en die uitdrukking van empatie met n klint kan baie terapeuties wees. 17 Skikkings speel n belangrike rol in voorkomende reg, omdat dit gebruik kan word om litigasie te vermy. Die moontlikheid om n skikking te bereik moet dus altyd tydens die voorverhoortydperk oorweeg word.

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