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Wheelrunning significantly increased total BDNF gene expression in all groups of mice except male HD mice. In contrast, environmental enrichment significantly increased expression only in male wildtype animals. Further quantification of BDNF exonspecific transcripts revealed sexspecific changes in relation to the effect of the HD mutation and differential effects on gene expression by wheelrunning and environmental enrichment. The HDassociated reduction of BDNF gene expression was not due to increased methylation of the gene sequence. Furthermore, environmentinduced changes in BDNF gene expression in the wildtype hippocampus were independent of the extent of DNA methylation. Overall, the results of this study provide new insight into the role of BDNF in HD pathogenesis in addition to the mechanisms regulating normal BDNF gene expression.

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Functional evidence implicating a novel TOR1A mutation in idiopathic, late onset focal dystonia. J. Med. Genet. 47, 646650. Carbon, M. , Su, S. , Dhawan, V. , Raymond, D. , Bressman, S. , and Eidelberg, D.

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Michael O'Mara, London, 2001. 64p. ; BusterBooks, London, 2001. 63p; Random House, Milsons Point, Australia, 2001. Elves and Fairies / illustrations by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, verses by Annie R. Rentoul. Austral Greetings, series of 6 folding Christmas cards, The New Idea, Robert Jolly, Sydney, November 1903. Illustrations by I. S. Rentoul, text by Prof. J.

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