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Students who tested positive have been notified, according to a UVa news release, and are being placed in isolation housing. Those who have had close contacts with those affected will be quarantined. Students will be notified when its safe to leave the space, effectively ending their isolation or quarantine period, according to UVas response plan. Once UVa identified the cluster through wastewater and individual testing programs, students were asked to stay inside their rooms until the testing could be completed. About 188 students live at Balz Dobie. UVa is testing the wastewater of residence halls and other buildings to detect any potential outbreaks along with other mandatory testing among students regardless of if they are showing symptoms. We thank the residents of Balz Dobie for their patience and cooperation and ask all UVa community members to continue wearing masks, stay home when they feel sick, follow physical distancing guidelines, and avoid large gatherings, school officials said in a news release. Katherine Knott is the K 12 education reporter for The Daily Progress. Contact her at 434 422 7398, , or @knott katherine on Twitter. Pray 4 Balz is displayed in the window of Balz Dobie residence hall last month after university officials discovered a COVID 19 outbreak in the building. UVa officials on Friday ruled that students this semester may choose to take classes on a credit/no credit grading scale.

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There are even some who feel doomed when they dont get high grades in school. Some go as far as taking their lives because for them academic failure means failure in life. The belief of some researchers that there is a link between adolescent suicide and academic competition in some Asian countries has led to further investigation and study Zeng and Le Tendre, 1998. New theories of learning have ushered in a wider perspective of intelligence and learning. There was even a time when people would highlight successful dropouts Bill Gates and Tom Hanks among them to justify their poor academic ratings. While I am a firm believer of formal education, I am also fascinated by people who didnt graduate at the top of their class but became successful in terms of their economic status and influence in society. As we look at the profiles of successful individuals, we can say that intelligence goes beyond academic performance. An intelligence is the ability to solve problems, or to create products, that are valued within one ore more cultural settings. All of us are gifted with unique abilities and so I am more inclined to accept Gardners multiple intelligence theory. It talks about problem solving and the ability to create products. Our quality of life is not determined by how much we know but what we do with such knowledge.

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