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1 shows how teachers characterized student work as students acquired the capacity for reflection. The teachers then summarized key statements that students made about their work when asked the question "What would I change to make my work better?" Students from kindergarten through 2nd grade made comments such as these: I would add to the picture. I would use what I know to show more in the picture. I would add what is missing. I would be more careful. Students in 3rd and 4th grade made comments like these: I would correct.

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Both visits were times of learning and recovery. You may experience a strong emotional release along with a myofascial release. Your body can hold information below the conscious level, as a protective mechanism. Myofascial unwinding allows your memories, associated emotional states, and belief systems to rise to consciousness as your myofascia returns to health. Your body tries to protect you against the pain, keeping you away from positions that are painful or traumatic. Each layer must be released, starting with the most superficial restrictions in the myofascia. pp. 235 236, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survival Manual; Second Edition, by Devin Starlanyl, Mary Ellen Copeland A Fibromyalgia Physician/Author Who Does Not Support the Repressed/Suppressed Memories and Emotions Connection From the AskDrLowe webpage, of Dr. John C. Lowe, a physician who specializes in treating fibromyalgia and is the author of The Metabolic Treatment of Fibromyalgia: Many patients have also found a technique called myofascial release to be effective. If you decide to see a physical therapist, make sure that you pick someone who is both knowledgeable and gentle.

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It's not good enough just to read. You have to be able toexpress yourself. Cement the child's command of the Englishlanguage by having intellectual conversations where you talkabout the news, current events, school subjects, etc. There are many different theories about how toteach reading. The main conflict is between teaching skillsversus meaning. The most basic theory emphasizes the alphabetand letter combinations st, ch, br, dr, drilling studentsletter by letter, having them recite aloud. In the 1960s, Jeanne Chall created the sixstages of reading outlined elsewhere in this book. She was morefor phonics than the whole word approach. In the 1980s, the emphasis shifted to thewhole language approach, which teaches a feel for language and alove of literature. Talk a lot to kids. Let talk radio play intheir bedrooms.

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