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A decision needs to be made whether entry selection criteria should be applied and what these criteria should be. Target learners should be profiled. Defined outcomes will enable benchmarking measurements to be made, and ensure that the training program is designed with the end in mind. Core competencies need to be established. These are the competencies that will ensure the outcomes are achieved. The definition of competencies can be delineated into the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitude required. These competencies also need to be linked to the organization's strategy to ensure that its future resource capability needs are met. The competency pieces can be mapped against what currently exists, as well as what is still needed. A matrix can be utilized in order to gain an overall perspective. Competencies can be further broken down into different levels of mastery. This ensures that progression in development efforts can be made.

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But with service fees of $800 to $1,400 per student17, what colleges and universities are paying?Apparently, plenty. Students begin their college careers with little understanding of the impending rigors. Apparently high schools, save for a few high performers, dish up less than desirable college preparatory curriculum. Retention programs are likely to continue spreading among college campuses; they must. Sources suggest that the federal government may soon challenge higher education on the dropout issue, perhaps with fines for high numbers of students that fail to make it to graduation. First year on campus, given all the factors at work, is a tricky balancing act.

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