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If you really think it would be good policy, and constitutionally feasible, to remove churches tax exempt status youll have to do it for all, not just the ones you dont like for mistaken reasons, youll have to start from square one as to why. But what did or didnt happen in California doesnt really have anything to do with it. Im fascinated by your ability to simply write off different types of funds. Youve now added a non monetary category. I happen to be extremely bothered by our church using non monetary funds not to mention its considerable pull with members to remove the constitutional rights of a minority in California. An action that stands in violation of our own scripture DandC 134. Non monetary means that they donated facilities that were likely paid for with tithing funds or time from employees that also were likely paid with tithing funds. You also differentiate between investment income and tithing. While there certainly is a difference in the eyes of the auditors I still see any assets that the church has as belonging to the Lord. Even though they legally belong to Thomas S. Monson, I always thought that theologically speaking it was ALL the Lords money.

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It struck me theres a secret to Ubers success thats hidden in plain sight. The secret is one that taxi bosses need to discover and surgically implant into their brains, metaphorically of course. Equally, its a lesson that applies to anyone in business. For the geeks out there, there is a tech angle. Ubers app is easy to use, and promotes transparency, safety and accountability between customer and driver. But its only part of the story.

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A course of study may be set during this period. In some covens a dedication ceremony may be performed during this period, some time before the initiation proper, allowing the person to attend certain rituals on a probationary basis. Some solitary Wiccans also choose to study for a year and a day before their self dedication to the religion. Various high priestesses and high priests have reported being put on a pedestal by new initiates, only to have those students later kick away the pedestal as they develop their own knowledge and experience of Wicca. Within a coven, different members may be respected for having particular knowledge of specific areas, such as the Qabalah, astrology, or the Tarot. Based on her experience among British Traditional Wiccans in the UK, Pearson stated that the length of time between becoming a first degree initiate and a second was typically two to five years. Some practitioners nevertheless chose to remain as first degree initiates rather than proceed to the higher degrees. A large number of Wiccans do not exclusively follow any single tradition or even are initiated. These eclectic Wiccans each create their own syncretic spiritual paths by adopting and reinventing the beliefs and rituals of a variety of religious traditions connected to Wicca and broader Paganism. While the origins of modern Wiccan practice lie in covenantal activity of select few initiates in established lineages, eclectic Wiccans are more often than not solitary practitioners uninitiated in any tradition. A widening public appetite, especially in the United States, made traditional initiation unable to satisfy demand for involvement in Wicca.

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