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These elements can all be restored if the essay is accepted for publication. Follow the advice in the Ensuring a Blind Review link that OJS provides as part of your submission to remove all identifying data from the files properties. Please be aware that the process for removing hidden data and metadata will vary depending upon the program you are using, and you will have to rely on the help files for your software to make sure this is done properly. Article submission process: As you go through the OJS submission steps, be sure to add an abstract for your article to facilitate the review process. For precise instructions on submitting with OJS, see the appropriate section of the OJS User Guide. If you have any technical problems with this process, please contact the editors assistant, Mr. Shawn Brackett, at Shawn. Ideally, essays should be no more than 10,000 words, excluding notes. All essays should be double spaced, including notes. Footnotes rather than endnotes are preferred see Formatting and Style Guide below as are embedded rather than appended images at the review stage. Also see the note on Use of Images below.

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If I were working hard in say 3d grade, most years I didnt miss a day, stayed late, met with parents, really focused on individual kids skills and helped them, and a teacher in 2d grade missed 11 personal days a year, sick days, clockwatched, Id be upset because it would mean instead of my hard work making the kids smarter and better students, it would be making up for his or her negligence. I am surprised so many teachers want a no one ever gets fired philosophy. The due process argument is ridiculous. Gary keeps saying we just want due process, but when I asked him if expedited double due process would be acceptable instead of 5 rounds and years and six figures, he doesnt say no, that would make it clear to all what hes aiming for. He just stays silent. Thats what Ive come to expect, silence on issues of inconvenience. Then there's the issue of family leave. My son's special ed teacher left one month into his 3rd grade year on a family leave. She said she didn't know how long she would be gone and as a result the district made subs available on some days. As it turned out she took the rest of the year off 8 months and then retired. The entire resource program went belly up that My sons special ed teacher left one month into his 3rd grade year on a family leave.

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3616. In brief, they were at a loss to communicate in the culture of the language studied. Interest in and development of communicative style teaching mushroomed in the 1970s; authentic language use and classroom exchanges where students engaged in real communication with one another became quite popular. In the intervening years, the communicative approach has been adapted to the elementary, middle, secondary, and post secondary levels, and the underlying philosophy has spawned different teaching methods known under a variety of names, including notional functional, teaching for proficiency, proficiency based instruction, and communicative language teaching. Therefore people create some varieties approach that used to teach English as a second or foreign language. There are many approaches to language learning. Language Link, like many other schools, has adopted The Communicative Approach. This is the approach that will be expected to use when teaching your students. That being the case, as a new Language Link teacher, a teacher must have a good understanding of Communicative Language Teaching CLTThe Communicative Approach grew out of sociolinguistics in the 1970s and the view that there is more to communication than just grammar and vocabulary. Communication involves communicative competence the ability to make ourselves understood in socially appropriate ways. The claim is that L2 is learned best when the students try to communicate, i.

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