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7314. I started living life to the fullest for the wrong reasons. I was selfish, competing in adaptive athletics to try to be better than the top competitors. I thought I was invincible putting myself in dangerous situations with no regard for my safety. Then things changed. Shortly after my two year mark and a follow up with the trial where I was told I had no improvement, I fell on a hotel room and couldnt get myself up.

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Dr. Pammi Pavan KumarAn Optimistic Evolution of Existence in Saffron Dreams by Shaila Abdullah . Rabia Ashraf, M. Phil. , B. S.

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There were an almost equivalent number of US Dollar and Euro winners this month with Dollar winners just pipping those in the Eurozone. This is a slight change from what has happened in previous months when Euro winners have outnumbered those that have claimed their win using the US Dollar. Once again, British players didn't have much luck not registering a big win in December or November in 2019. When we look at the total amount won for each currency, it is unsurprising that Canadian Dollars once again come out on top of the list. Given that there were more than four times as many winners in Canadian Dollars compared to the other currencies, it is not surprising therefore that this currency was the one that saw the most winners in the month. The amount awarded in Canadian Dollars in December was an increase on November by over CA$220,000. Similarly, US Dollar players saw an increase of around US$19,000 compared to last month, but a smaller number of Euro winners saw they pay outs drop from around 210,000 last month to just over 54,000 in December. What is interesting to note here is that while the Canadian Dollar and US Dollar average win value was much higher than the Euro, all three currencies had higher win averages in December compared to November. Euro players saw a small rise in average win of around 500, but there was big increases for the other two currencies with US Dollar players average win being worth US$10,000+ more in December, while Canadian Dollar winners also saw an increase this time of just under CA$12,000 on average. This shows that while there were fewer winners in December, players tended to win larger amounts. Once converted into a single currency for easier comparison, it is easy to see that although they had fewer winners, the average US Dollar win was worth more than the equivalent win in Canadian Dollars, with the Euro average win trailing a little further behind the three.

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King Sears, M. E. 2001. Three steps for gaining access to the general education curriculum for learners with disabilities. Intervention in School and Clinic, 372, 67 76. MacMackin, M. C. and Elaine, M. B. 1997. A change in focus: Teaching diverse learners within an inclusive elementary school classroom.

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