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No new evidence is presented. No witnesses are called. The superior court judge will reverse the city court only if it finds the judge erred on a question of law or gave a decision that is plainly contrary to the evidence, and that any mistake was so important that it likely affect ed the outcome of the case. Appeals of cases originating in city court are not allowed beyond the superior court unless the defendant is challenging the validity of a law, fine, or tax. Appeals of ordinance violations or civil traffic citations are rare, said Reeves, the Phoenix attorney. They are hard to win, and the cost of appealing far exceeds whatever fines are levied, he said. Appealing a responsible verdict is especially difficult for a traffic citation. Normal rules of civil procedure do not apply, as they would in a criminal case. And judges are free to consider whatever evidence they deem relevant. In typical civil traffic hearings, there is no prosecutor. A police officer or city representative explains why a ticket was issued.

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John Brooks was one of the earliest settlers of Crawford County. Born in Ireland May 12, 1765 and arriving in the territory that would become Crawford County in 1794. He was a wheelwright, a merchant, a Major in the War of 1812, the first Justice of the Peace in the newly formed Crawford County, and appointed by Gov. Simon Snyder to Associate Judge of Crawford County in 1817, which he served for 14 years until his death, June 3, 1831. These three sheets are plain paper, all hand written and detailing court costs. Callender and Co. , Callenders Memorandum Book 1877, with every other page containing advertising, recipes for dyeing cloth, or local 1877 Meadville, Pa. information such as Crawford County Officers, Representatives in Congress and the State Legislature rates of postage 3 cents per half ounce, Value of Foreign Money 1877. Softcover, 32 pages, published by Callendar and Co. Druggists, 939 Water Street, Meadville, Pa. 1877.

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