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Do you value our journalism?Show us with your support. Wind energy is marketed as a clean alternative to powering homesand businesses, one that should cut greenhouse gas emissions, and,at the same time, slowly wean the nation away from its dependenceon fossil fuels. It sounds like a miracle cure to global warmingand foreign investment all at the same time. Some say these predictions are not necessarily true, and thatfurther research must be conducted to get a comprehensive pictureof the true efficiency of harvesting the wind. Some say wind farmsmight not be as functional and reliable as we think. Some saythere's actually nothing green about wind energy except the grossprofit. Recent negotiations have hovered over a proposed construction ofa wind farm in Enfield, currently under development by JohnRancich, who has reported that his farm would generate enoughelectricity to power homes across the entire county. "At 100 percent peak production, the wind farm will power all ofthe residences in Tompkins County," Rancich said. There is noguarantee, however, that homes within the county would receive windenergy from the Enfield Wind Farm. "The wind farm will produce 50 megawatt hours, but theelectricity from these wind mills will not actually for sure gointo every residence in the county. I'm saying they'll power theequivalent amount of energy, to give people and idea," he said,adding that his statement was a way of phrasing the situation incomprehensible terms, in a way that people would understand.

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The board of directors of the social rehabilitation body shall be comprised of representatives from the Executive Branch and professionals who have been designated in accordance with the law. The President of the Republic shall designate the minister of State who shall chair this body. The security, technical, and administrative staff of the social rehabilitation system shall be appointed by the social rehabilitation body, after assessment of their technical, cognitive and psychological conditions. Article 203. The system shall be governed by the following guidelines:1. Only those persons punished by imprisonment as a result of a conviction shall remain as inmates of social rehabilitation centers. Only social rehabilitation centers and provisional detention centers shall be part of the social rehabilitation system and shall be authorized to hold imprisoned persons. Military quarters, police stations or other type of barracks are not authorized as places for imprisonment of the civilian population. 2. In social rehabilitation centers and provisional detention centers, plans for education, vocational training, farm production, arts and crafts, and industrial manufacturing, or any other occupational form, mental and physical health and culture and leisure shall be promoted and implemented. 3.

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