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All bariatric surgery does is limit the amount of food you can ingest at one time. I'm sorry for your condition, but you have other issues. Good luck with the surgery. Brad I currently take in approximately 1000 calories a day and am under the supervision of an MD for the diet I am on. I supplement meals with protein shakes. I have coffee, skim milk and artificial sweetner and a protein shake 180 cals for breakfast. I have another protein shake for lunch or a salad that I make myself. I drink water all day. I also have a protein bar as a snack and a normal dinner meaning protein, veggie and limited starch. About an hour before bedtime I drink another protein shake. I lost approx 47 pounds doing this however, my diabetes has progressed.

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The fact that hes taken seriously on anything, other than fancy food, is a very sad commentary on our corrupt times. The Three Little Pigs:But the pig who built the sturdy house of bricks is trying to scale up, and there is little to draw from his small ball approach to suggest that he could succeed. The Tortoise and the Hare:The tortoise is suddenly asking for not just a few stars here and there, but the moon and a good part of the sun, which has made even the hare skeptical. I come back to the United States and I apply for jobs at the Whitehouse, the CIA, and the Washington Posts, which in those days were essentially the same thing. All thats happened in the scope of the corruption is that the barons of industry have re established an environment where they dont have to be so polite/politic about their hegemony. Anyone remember reading about the Yellow Press and our adventures in Cuba, Central and South America, the Philippines. Most people understood even then that the press was representing the Rockefellers, Morgan, the non media interest of Hearst, Ochses and the Sulzbergers, etc. Yet the pandering worked. Anyone reading today who is also watching the South China Seas remembering that we did take part in invading China, extracted a considerable blackmail in silver and land in Shanghai, and Weihai which was turned over to the British for management in our interest when a few in Congress balked, all of this fully endorsed and encouraged by press interest owned by large corporate combines. Eventually the land and silver were returned to China, in particular the larger sums, when we found a need for an ally against a creature greatly of our own making, Imperial Japan Teddy R. gave the Japanese empire a huge boost by handing them Korea.

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Full guidance on how to ensure that expenses claim meets the requirements for processing is available from Finance webpages. In some instances, departments may arrange for External Examiners to be accommodated in a college during the course of attendance at exam board meetings in Oxford. In such instances, the college may send an invoice for the cost incurred directly to the department. Upon receiving the invoice, the department should send a hard copy of the invoice to EandA for the attention of Examiner Payments Team, at the Examination Schools, for processing. The team will cost code the invoice accordingly and forward it to Finance for payment to be issued to the college from the corresponding cost code. Please note that EandA cannot raise purchase order number in relation to college accommodation invoice.

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