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Here's one example from my own personal story: "I've gone to church most of my life but I lived off my parent's faith until half way through my sophomore year in college. " How is that?Would it propel you to keep reading?Here's the way my story began in a published article, "I slapped the snooze alarm for the third time and finally opened my eyes at Chi Phi, my fraternity house. Last night had been a late one. After covering an evening speech and inter view for the school paper, I worked frantically on the story until just before midnight, when I dropped it into the hands of a waiting editor. "Compare these two examples. Notice the detail in the second version. I am not telling you about the experience, I am showing you. Repeatedly the writing books and teachers say, "Show don't tell. " They are saying to include dialogue and the type of detail for a story which will propel the reader into the article. After writing the opening for the article, how do you continue?If you've done your research for the article, you will not write 2,000 words for a publication that only takes 500 word articles. So you will have a target length for your article.

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clever. Build a City of Math with Geometry PBL 2D Shapes Geometry and 2 Dimensional Shapes Foldables Polygons Quadrilaterals Geometry Unit Third Grade Math Focus on Quadrilaterals City Evanston Ill. Engage your geometry students with PBL activities. Follow the guidelines carefully III. The length of the top edge of the badge is equal to the length of the left edge of the badge. pdf incorporates geometry and measurement in the fun context of designing a town park. Grade 3. Note Any PDF files that cannot be rotated on screen or printed to scale will not be accepted. pdf 3. Page 1 of 1 Nov 08 2013 What s better than Project Based Learning PBL in a math classroom PBL that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards CCSS . The enlarged comic cell colored to match original 3.

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A grand prize valued at $4,000 each for a total of $600,000 in prizes!Now through October 2017, visit to enter the Giovanni Ranas Dine with Rana Sweepstakes. Fill out the online entry form in its entirety including a short essay about why youd like to join Giovanni Rana and his family at one of five spectacular weekends in his hometown of Verona, Italy. Each valid submission will result in a Sweepstakes Entry into the applicable Entry Period. The Dine with Rana Sweepstakes 2016 is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are at least 18 years of age and possess a valid passport. Begins at 12:00 a. m. and 2:30 p. m. Pedestrians and cyclists may pass along School Avenue during those hours. The School Board is asking the city to revise an interlocal agreement between the two bodies that dictates the terms of the School Avenue closure. At Tuesdays meeting, school representatives proposed restricting all access to the street, including bicycles and pedestrians, while the closure is in effect.

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