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CNN, Erin Brown Out Front, "The NSA's Secret Court" 07. 18. 2013Privacy Partner Online-Courses.html">Michael Sussmann was interviewed by CNN correspondent Joe Johns on the inner workings of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act FISA Court. Federal News Radio, Federal Drive Show Blog 05. 16. 2013Privacy Partner Michael Sussmann was interviewed on Federal News Radio about White House Consideration of Expansion to Federal Wiretap Laws. New York Times, "U. S. Weighs Wider Wiretap Laws to Cover Online Activity" 05. 08. 2013In a front page New York Times story, "U.

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Still the park is an oasis in the city and covers more than 330 acres. quot May 31 2013 These inventive theme park ideas however feature all sorts of nerdy and creative references that will surely attract adults and adventure seekers. They will use their knowledge of area and perimeter to create an amusement park the owner will love. Analyze change. View more newsletters on our Subscriptions page. Taylor Wash and Mr. Keep in mind that project based learning lesson plans are usually cross curricular. U of A Industrial Engineering News Engineering A Virtual Amusement Park On Saturday April 20 Arkansas students in 6th through 12th grade brought their amusement park designs to the University of Arkansas for the seventh annual IE Challenge a competition that encourages students to explore industrial engineering concepts through hands on activities. 500. BIM Building Information Modeling is great for large commercial projects with conventional geometry but what about modeling an architectural Mayan ruins nbsp New Resources. In this project you will explore how radical and rational functions are related to buying and building a new roller coaster.

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Notes on keeping and spawning Hypancistrus inspector by Haakon Haagensen uploaded January 01, 2002Information on this distinctive pleco AKA L102. A Chance Spawning of Chaetostoma sp. L444 by Rob Torrens uploaded January 01, 2002Notes on an community tank chance spawning of the most common rubbernose or bulldog pleco. Spawning L066 by Andy White uploaded January 01, 2002An in depth account of the spawning of the King Tiger Pleco, L066 including pictures from the spawning tank. Breeding Aspidoras pauciradiatus by Don Kinyon uploaded January 01, 2002General information on spawning this species. Breeding Corydoras sterbai by Don Kinyon uploaded January 01, 2002Spawning Parotocinclus spilosoma by Derek Heath uploaded January 01, 2002This species is an occasionally imported hardy Dwarf Sucker that should be much more popular than it is, here is a spawning account.

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Your employer must give permission for you to apply. You should also receive training on the job. Other qualifications include the National Diploma in Funeral Directing, which covers UK legislation, specialist services and the role of the funeral director. Qualified and experienced personnel can apply for more senior positions within their company or with another company, or start their own business. Apply for a position as a trainee embalmer at a funeral parlour. No qualifications are necessary but GCSEs in biology, chemistry, maths and English at grades A to C are useful when applying for jobs and later training courses.

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The second hypothesis followed the rational choice theory, where it is believed that if there is a high availability of ride sharing vehicles, the inebriated individual might still consider their own car as a better option because the premium of the ride sharing service is too high. In other words, the cost of hiring a driver might be too steep in their minds compared to the potential criminal cost of driving their own cars. Thus, the effect of a discounted service, which simultaneously increases the ease of use of transportation and decreases the gap between the cost of being punished for DUI and the cost of booking a driver, had to be assessed:Implementation of a discount ride sharing service will be associated with a negative and significant effect on the rate of alcohol related motor vehicle fatalities. As a representation of the ride sharing service, Greenwood and Wattal made use of information on Uber. More specifically, they analyzed Ubers information between 2009 and 2014 in California and chose Uber X and Uber Black as representative services of a discount 20% 30% under traditional taxi fares and premium service 20% 30% over traditional taxi fares, respectively. With regard to the dataset on motor vehicle fatalities, the researchers took advantage of the sources in the California Highway Patrols Statewide Integrated Traffic Report System SWITRS. After combining both the Uber information with the SWITRS sources, a dataset of 12,420 observations spanning between January 2009 and September 2014 over 540 townships in the state of California, was able to be produced. A difference in difference estimation was employed on the dataset, since it allowed for an imitation of an experimental design while using observational data, which led to the comparison of the number of fatalities changes after the application of the treatment over time. The results confirm that a discount ride sharing service e. g. Uber X has a significant negative effect on the rate of alcohol related driving fatalities, while premium services e.

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