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The appellant or representative and the representative of the university shall have an opportunity to ask questions of the other and any witnesses called and members of the TPAC shall have the opportunity to put questions. Once the two sides have presented, the TPAC has the right to request further submissions, oral or written, as it sees fit. e The appellant shall have the right to enter new evidence that was not available at the time of the previous hearings such as updates of the status of articles submitted for publication. The TPAC shall not accept any new evidence from the Employer unless it is in response to new information raised by the appellant in their appeal. New material will be made available to all those making presentations as far in advance as possible and in any case not less than five 5 working days before the hearing begins. h The TPAC will select one of the following determinations, which shall be binding upon the parties except as provided in Article 10.

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