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i Tenure and academic freedom are related to each other. Academic freedom is a right of all faculty members. The right to freedom is, generally, the right not to be interfered with. A faculty members right to academic freedom is their right not to be interfered with in the discharge of their academic role. That role includes the acquisition of knowledge and skills and the guidance of others in the acquisition of these. The right to academic freedom includes, accordingly, the right of a faculty member to criticize the university in any respect in which it is an environment unfavourable to these ends in order to advocate changes which will make it a more favourable one, and in order to oppose changes which will make it a less favourable one.

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He spent many hours every day in his personal gym, and told his group that physical fitness was very important in doing Gods work. Many cult leaders are insecure and are making up for early feelings of inferiority, says Mary Miller, a California psychotherapist. This can be manifested as intellectual or physical overcompensation. Sometimes a leader will stress their extreme intellectual capabilities; other times they will stress their physical capabilities; other times they will stress their spiritual capabilities. Sometimes you will see someone overcompensating so strongly that they rely on all three. Later, Landers would use his physicality when negotiating with Jennifer and other Enriched Dentistry members. He would stand close to his students and go from his soft style of speaking to a hard, demeaning approach. Landers would emphasize how difficult a time his group members would have in the real world without his help, and how they would most likely fail miserably if they were to go it alone. He also used guilt, which is one of the strongest weapons for cults. He would reference the past bonds and good feelings that they shared, and use those feelings against his friends, manipulating them into seeking his favor again. It was like a complete change of face for him, said Jennifer.

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