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Risks of suicide and mental illness have been at an all time high and it is important that those with stories speak out about how they feel. We dont need to understand them or to immediately accept them or to care about them. We all need to know there is such a thing as taking a mental health day for true self care. Its important. As I have mentioned, my self care is laughing. Another person might be to take some time and have an aroma scented, candle lit bubble bath. Possibly go on a hike, meditate, journal, etc. Spending time with these friends made me feel whole in a different way than the current methods I have been using. It felt wholesome. Partying and clubbing can only make you feel good for a short amount of time. Driving around for hours wastes gas and money.

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Read your article out loud. By doing this, you'll be able to make your article read just like you speak. You'll also be able to make changes to parts of your article that don't flow very well or that are unclear to your reader. 10. Have someone else read over your article after you're done. You'll be able to get honest feedback for your article that will either tell you that you're article is really good or that your article needs some work. If you're article needs some work, getting this feedback will help you to avoid making the mistake of promoting your article before it's ready to be published. 11. Promote your e zine in your resource box. Promoting your e zine in your resource box will help you to successfully keep in contact with your readers and keep your marketing message on their minds. In your resource box, have your readers visit your site to subscribe to your e zine or have an email address i.

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State Sen. Terri Bonoff, DFL, Minnetonka, is the chairwoman of the Senate Higher Education and Workforce Development. If youre interested in joining the discussion, add your voice to the Comment section below or consider writing a letter or a longer form Community Voices commentary. For more information about Community Voices, email Susan Albright at . Member donations are crucial to the work of our nonprofit newsroom. Our reporters are only able to do their work thanks to support at all levels. High quality journalism costs money to produce. MinnPost's nonprofit reporting is available paywall free thanks to the financial support of loyal readers like you. Are you with us?The instructors in the learning community along with my peers have pushed me to do the best that I can as well as become stronger in my employability skills. NWTC First Year StudentLearning communities LC are a high impact practice that generally involve a group of students taking two or more linked classes together as a cohort, ideally with the instructors of those classes coordinating course outlines and assignments as well as jointly reviewing student progress. Learning communities build a sense of academic and social community and increase engagement among students and faculty, all of which lead to a variety of positive outcomes Achieving the Dream, 2015.

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325g min. Canada International. This gasket provides satisfactory performance even though gaskets with chloroprene binders are the preferred choice for these applications. Application set up at the location with refrigerant fill quantity of less than 10 kg 8 6 3 application set up at the location with refrigerant fill quantity of between 10 and 100 kg 6 4 2 application set up at the location with refrigerant fill quantity of more than 100 kg 4 2 1 valid since 2011 07 01 2011 07 01 2008 08 01. ZERO TARE the refrigerant scale. R410A Vapor recovery. 3 and 5. The most secure digital platform to get legally binding electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. Below is an example of a completed record sheet which should be left on site with your customer. If the system had R 22 the vapor pressure would be between 58 to 85 PSIG but these pressures will be dependent on the wet bulb temperature inside the building and the ambient temperature outside the building. ROBINAIR MODEL 17660 REFRIGERANT RECOVERY SYSTEM.

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Remember, they are looking for high quality articles that will stimulate their readership if you can't provide that, they won't publish your article. Can you provide a new slant on an old topic; some new timely and relevant information; a twist on an accepted concept?Is your article thought provoking, or just churning out the same old, same old?In the same way that a headline on a sales page is crucial for your conversion rate, and the subject of an email has a huge effect on the open rate, the title of your article is critically important if you want publishers to publish it, and people to read it and from there follow through to your site. Make your title interesting and enticing, and your results will improve dramatically. For example, 'The Top Ten Little Known Ways To Improve Your Online Sales', will achieve much better results than 'Improving Online Sales'. Often a good approach to article writing is to start with the headline first, and once you've got that right, write the article to fit the headline. An article will often vastly improve if you leave it alone a while after the first draft. Go back to it after at least a day or two, and read through it you will be amazed at how much you can improve it. Apart from spotting spelling mistakes, you will likely notice parts of the article that do not read well and that you can improve. Spending a few minutes doing this will vastly increase the likelihood of your article being published, and improve your results immeasurably. By following these tips, you can turn an average quality article into one of high quality that publishers will be eager to publish, and that readers will enjoy reading the end result for you is a marked improvement in the levels of targeted traffic that your article attracts to your web site. Steve Shaw provides systems and software for effective e marketing.

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