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I want to help you become better writers and more philosophical, so I want to give you some feedback every few weeks. I will grade them and return them to you in a few days after you get them. How will you grade the journals?You will get up to five points for each entry. Please make sure you do each entry when I tell you do. You don't want to fall too far behind. If you aren't writing what I ask then you will get fewer points. I will also give you suggestions on ways to make your journals more interesting and more philosophical. I believe everyone of you can be a good writer if you try your best. I will hopefully help you do a better job. Sloppy writing and late work will lose points though, so please keep up with the assignments. Overall, the journal will count for 20 percent of your grade for the class.

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We have used MySQL Full Text before and with Sphinx the performance has improved a lot. " Christian DeveloperAlexa Rank: 5,829,070Visit Jobatus"Cligs. ee is an Estonian events site. It is a Ruby on Rails app that uses the Thinking Sphinx to connect to the Sphinx daemon. Works great!"Aleksandr LossenkoAlexa Rank: 6,503,373Visit Cligs. ee"Our company 3smil has been using Sphinx for four years. We prefer Sphinx for our clients. The most positive aspect is the fast work flow, which enhances our effectiveness and the effectiveness for our clients. Search queries with Sphinx take less than one second, where the MySQL search needs a lot of more time. Sphinx is using high quality multiple filters. This is a big advantage if our major costumers are using extensive data bases.

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Anyone purchasing a home or business in these developments will have already achieved the previous criteria, further ensuring the broad reach of sustainable development. This may sound like a no brainer, but if its so obvious, why do so many houses from California to Connecticut look exactly the same?The vast monocrops of McMansions indicate that housing developers arent considering climate. There is a reason that houses in hot, humid climates are traditionally raised on platforms, and houses in the hot and dry southwest are made of adobe. Building traditions developed over time to adapt to their conditions: investigate what works best in your region with regard to weather, heating, cooling, insulation and energy. Now, some of you may be thinking that this is all well and good; youve just built your house with all the bells and whistles, so green it would make Al Gore squeal like a schoolgirl. The problem is that youre in a subdivision which requires a 10 minute drive just to get a cup of coffee, and your nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away, since you couldnt get away with a full roof of solar panels and a rain water collection tank in the city. Well, if its LEED certification you had your heart set on, dont sweat it. LEED has criteria for existing homes as well as new construction projects, so take a look at their checklists to see what changes you can make to attain certification!Stay tuned for more noninvasive tips for saving water and energy as we continue this Green 101 series. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and to the use of cookies as described therein. raising the floor in the "hot and humid climates?". hello, .

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On the surface it looks like you are increasing your odds of winning by having 20 chances to win instead of just 1. Technically, it is a true statement. Unfortunately, it is a negligable amount of an increase compared to the loss you would get by splitting the money with your co workers. Method of number choice is another point of question. Does it help to pick your birthday and the birthdays of your family?What about autopicks from the register. Are those more likely to win?Or less likely to win because the machine is "fixed"?Should you stay away from patterns like 1,2,3,4,5,6 and scatter your numbers across the board?The answer is simple. Since history has no effect on picks, and since logistically the machines, balls, and people are verified by an independant accounting firm, the picks cannot be "rigged". All numbers have an equal chance of coming up at any given time. Some people think that there are patterns that emerge in the lottery picks. They think that some balls simply have a tendancy to occur more than others. This is simply not true.

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