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I use it every week to create my plans whether I am teaching regular hatha, seniors or private clients. Money well spent! Given all the apps we have available these days, I was skeptical about the seemingly steep price of another gimmicky kit, but I have to say, this package is far beyond any Teacher resource I have ever come across, truly. Where to begin?Well, George provides over two thousand yoga stick figures for creating your own class sequences, and just as many yoga templates and handouts for students. This component of the kit alone comprises over 65 PAGES of information on how to modify postures for all levels of experience, in addition to contraindications and precautions. Lesson Plans for Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Beginners Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Templates, and Handouts are all included in this phenomenal deal. The lesson planning kit has revolutionised my teaching. As a part time yoga teacher this has been especially helpful. I am able to spend more time teaching and less planning and feeling more professional. I use it for regular weekly class planning and also for planning yoga courses. Its also a fantastic tool of inspiration and is jam packed with ideas my students have loved. Thanks so much George for this wonderful resource.

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Scatter all the pieces of pictures in front of the kids and ask them to arrange it in the sequence of the story that they have just heard by communicating among each other and narrate the story. Communication is one of the essential components of the foundation of ones personality. We need it all the time and we use it everywhere, so it also becomes an important part of our social skills set. For kids and teenagers, some of the most effective ways to learn and master this skill is through the medium of games, activities, and interesting exercises. Through these activities, kids are able to improve their verbal as well as written communication, along with having fun and enjoyment. Interestingly, the games and activities that promote teamwork will automatically improve communication as well. Hence it is advisable that the activities should be performed in a group rather than by oneself as this promotes fast learning. The following are certain communication skills activities that will benefit kids and teenagers, and anyone who uses them, by helping them sharpen their communication skills. Make chits of words that are common among the kids and place them in a fishbowl. Next, ask each student to come up and pick out a chit from the bowl and speak for 30 seconds on the word. The sentences should be small and simple in structure in order to avoid any grammatical errors.

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Listen to articles from this blog on your computer or download to iTunes using the Audio Content Reader and VIDEO Content Reader for this site!Be the first to see the new articles, contests, inspirational stories and more!Subscribe to the feed in your favourite reader athttp://Feeds2. feedburner. com/ProfitableStorytelling!"During the time I was using the Miracle Mindshift, out of nowhere significantly increased the money into my business while at the same significantly decreased the time I was working in my business. And now. a new branding opportunity has opened and is going to be a great new income opportunity and a bigger business!""Something so beautiful happens each day as I listen to the daily Miracle Mindshift. The best way I can describe the experience is simultaneously getting juiced up a vibrational level, or more, while getting settled right into, grounded into the center of my being. Today, while listening to day 15, SEVERAL lights in the mansion turned on. A rapid download of aha's begin to make my heart feel different. I'm integrating now, and can say that I will now experience the four directions on a physical level, rather than having the four directions as just concepts. How part of the earth we are. I look forward to a deepening of this physical connection with the four directions.

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Meanwhile, the so called hidden curriculum should be given an equal value and attention. I believe that our character as a person will help determine our success. We may have all the knowledge and skills on our endeavor or chosen path but without the proper attitude on handling it we might meet failure. I would like to introduce Hidden Curriculum as Life 101, wherein a student acquires certain set of social skills that confirms to norms but not submitting totally. Having them be with peers without the pressure, letting them be ethical and morally bound, them being strong in character but not be slave to it. It is needless to say that most students today are either socially awkward, stereotypically and pragmatic in the sense that they rely mostly on ideas fed to them by the media, the educational institution and their religious beliefs. As an instructor reading on about this Hidden Curriculum I realized its relevance and its impact. I also got to reflect whether as a teacher I am really helping my students cope with their own selves. he Hidden Curriculum bookHidden curriculum is defined as being an implicit curriculum. Rather than coming about by design, it represents behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge that are communicated without conscious intent it is an accumulation of values communicated indirectly, through actions and words that are part of everyday life in a community. Determining whether hidden curriculum should be given equal emphasis with other types of curriculum implemented in schools is rather a difficult question.

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