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, Brian Gray, M. S. , James Norris, Ph. D. Departments of Neurogsurgery, Pathology, Cytogenetics and Internal Medicine University of Arkansas for Medical Science, Little Rock, ArkansasBrain Cancer ClusterSurrounds Petrochemical Plant SOURCE: Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health,43:117 129, 1994 An unusually high number of bone, bladder and brain cancers were found to be occurring among children living in a residential area near 3 petrochemical plants between 1981 and 1990. The children ranged in age from 0 19 years. Upon reviewing 28 death certificates of these three types of cancers, 27 of the children lived within 2 3 kilometers approx. 1. 0 2. 0 miles from the chemical plants. According to the pollution reports compiled by the Environmental Protection Agency of the Republic of China, nine serious air pollution events occurred in these chemical plant districts which released the chemicals vinyl chloride and acrylonitrile.

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One of the two N tractors in our roster is Als, a 1948, 8N Ford. Al said it is a working tractor, not pretty but ready to go anytime day and night. Its main job is unusual, it is used mainly to mow orchards of Chestnut trees. Al is the chapter president of the Maine American Chestnut Foundation and that is why he purchased his 8N about 12 years ago from an Uncle Henrys classified ad. The tractor has had a few repairs over the years, a change from 6 volts to 12 and an engine rebuild. Al has used a brush hog in the orchards in the past and this year will be changing to flail chopper, in the hopes of better getting through the narrow rows without causing damage to the trees. The picture here, found on the net, is a Chestnut orchard in Maine, that Al and his Ford might be mowing this summer. The foundation sells seedlings and is the go to group for advice on how to start your own Chestnut orchard. Just type into your computer, and see the great work the Maine chapter is doing. The second Ford N tractor was found in Eden, Vermont. Ken Kelly has a 1952 8N that he purchased in Barre.

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Read Brian Halladays articles on this site. Read Dr. Gary Thompsons articles. The 8 process standards push toward constructivism and show me peer reviewed research, not Jo Boalers work. The largest education study ever performed proved constructivism was a total failure. ak, I dont think you should be throwing out the words peer review to anyone. Thats the pot calling the kettle black for ya. Watch a Japanese or Singapore classroom: The 8 practice standards are very apparent. Its called explicit instruction not direct instruction, but not 100% constructivism either. That seals the deal for me. Youre just blowing smoke.

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S. : Here are some examples of my writing:atthew+Buquoi. htmlPlease help!My 73 year old husband is trying to help our daughter remove paint from windows in a 90 year old home in Bratenahl. He has stripped old windows before but is also concerned about lead. He has removed windows and is attempting to strip the windows in the garage. But paint is resistant to strippingat least six layers of paint, He is at wits end. Any suggestions. You can email or call 440 934 0441. 781 690 0653 cell. Any dipping companies?Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Eileen Johnson.

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