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Right; this was presaged by the 1924 Immigration Act, that led to the southern European and other working class whites combined with the negroes and jews to form the Democratic Party coalition that led to FDR and the relative Left takeover of the Anglo Saxon nation. Something like ten plus million voters were assembled in the following decade from immigration for the jewish takeover of the Dem Party, and under FDR, the electoral coup and what we now call Deep State staffing of dozens of bureaucratic outfitsalphabet soup as they were calledwith commies, libs, and jews who were themselves commies and libs of course. That FDR coalition reigned until Whites got their backs up with Ike, and on to Nixon, etc. Then we know the rest as recent history. So we have had two Revolutions against White people in our lifetime. The useless, the poor, the dumb, the wretcheds of the earth, have been marshaled to replace Whites in the US.

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The citys encampments generate up to six tons of trash daily, including needles still loaded with heroin and blood. The stench of the streets lingers in the nostrils for hours. Elevating the alleged rights of the homeless over those of the working public has cost billions in government outlays, with nothing to show for it. Mayors have come and gone; agencies have been renamed, task forces convened, ten year plans rolled out, and section chiefs, liaison officers, and operations support teams added to existing bureaucracies and seeded into new ones, while the unsheltered count continues to riseup 17 percent from 2017 to 2019 alone, to 8,011. San Francisco continues to puzzle over the reason. Is it lack of city created affordable housing, as the advocates and politicians maintain?No other American city has built as much affordable housing per capita, according to the Bay Area Council Economic Institute.

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